There is no doubt in the fact that owning a home is a dream for a lot of people. Nothing can be as peaceful and be relieving as coming back to your own home after a tiring day.

Calicut is one of the most popular areas for real estate interest in all over Kerala. When it comes to choosing the best real estate property in Calicut, apartments are probably the best to choose. There are many benefits of owning an apartment in Calicut.

Location and Connectivity

Calicut is a coastal city with a great historical background. Since the city has been known and popular from the old times, it has successfully maintained a great connectivity with the neighbouring cities. Due to this, we have seen a big spike in the investment from investors across the world. Another of the many advantages of living in an apartment in Calicut is accessibility. While most of the amenities are included within the proximity of the apartment complex, the other facilities are more accessible from an apartment complex than from a location where there are only private houses and villas.

Since the apartment complexes house many families and residents, the shopping malls, marketplaces, cinema halls, theatres etc. are built nearby. So, you have a better accessibility to these, if you live in an apartment in Calicut.

Kunnur, Wayanad, Malappuram are some of the nearby major cities that are greatly bonded and closely connected with Kozhikode. This makes it absolutely easy for the inhabitants of Calicut to do close business with these neighboring cities. Also, given the coastal facility, connectivity becomes easy for people of Kozhikode. Not just with the cities of Kerala, but also with the major cities of the neighboring state Karnataka, a connection of Calicut is very comfortable and convenient. You can easily travel to Bangalore or Mysore from Kozhikode.

IT and Industrial hub

Calicut is the fasters growing IT hub. With the development of Government Cyberpark and UL Cyberpark Kozhikode, there has been a possibility of job openings for a vast number of people.

New companies are coming to and opening their offices, drawing a great number of wealthy people to the city. They would seek properties to invest on as well as buy properties to live in. Therefore, the demand for real estate properties seems to be quite high in Calicut.


While it makes it extremely expensive to have your own swimming pool, gym or park in your private home, living in an apartment will give you access to all these amenities quite naturally. You will not have to spend any extra money and within the comforts of your territory, you will be able to enjoy your leisure time.

Not just the luxury amenities such as gyms or swimming pools and cinemas or theatres, Calicut is an old city with some of the most renowned colleges, schools and universities for people to explore their careers. With many hospitals and medical colleges, living in Kozhikode would be an absolute comfort even if you are new to the city.


The constantly growing demand for real estate properties in Kozhikode, owing to the large population that is working in the Calicut IT hub. Hence, if you sell the property within a few years of buying, you will instantly get great returns from Calicut. If you plan to keep the property for long, you can give it for rent. There is a high demand for flats and apartments for rent amongst the working population.

IT workers, young bachelors as well as new families, who are not ready to invest in a property right now, are always looking for flats and apartments for rent in Kozhikode. Not just the IT workers, but also the nearby educational institutes that are drawing a huge population from the other parts of the state as well as country, will give you a great opportunity to get tenants almost instantly. It is a flowing income that you can be guaranteed to get from the Kozhikode real estate investments.

Improved Lifestyle

Calicut is offering a great improvement in lifestyle, because of the IT workers and the people working in the industrial hub, who are looking for entertainment and fast lifestyle. Hence, along with the residential properties, many commercial sectors are being developed in Kozhikode that will increase your standard of living.

Since all the apartment complexes in Calicut are being constructed in the prime urban locations, your lifestyle is automatically uplifted, when you live in the apartments. You have high-class people as your neighbors. The people you meet and mix up with certainly has an impact on your life and lifestyle. This is a great advantage that overpowers the advantages of living in a house.


One of the biggest advantages of living in an apartment in Calicut is its low price. When it comes to investing in the real estate, the budget is the main concern. Not everyone has a high budget to invest in a lavish villa or a private house. In fact, the large apartments with multiple bedrooms are also beyond the budget capacity of many buyers.

In that case, the smaller apartments are a great choice for them. The apartments come in different sizes and budgets. You can get the 1BHK or the 2BHK for a very affordable price in some of the prime locations in Calicut. This is a great help from the young buyers, who do not have a huge budget or are buying a loan or have joined a job just recently. Rather than giving away the rent, paying installments for a small apartment is always a better idea. In fact, the small apartments are always easier to resell.

Depending on your budget and need, you can choose any of the real estate property options in Calicut. All the popular builders in Calicut offer properties with amenities and facilities of your exact need. If you book in advance, you will also get a very affordable price as the rates are still quite low, despite the popularity.

Convenient weather

Calicut is one of the most comfortable and convenient cities in the southern part of the country, in terms of weather and climate as well. This is because of the location of the city that is just by the coast of the sea, which makes the city a comfortable stay for the entire year. Despite the heat and long sunny days, the sea breeze makes your stay in Calicut very favorable. You can choose real estate Kannur or real estate Malappuram as well, for that matter.

Renovation and remodeling

Now and then, once in a while you would like to renovate the place that you live in. it is quite natural that you are bored with the same old look after a few years of living in the same place. It is not possible to buy a new house entirely, just because you are bored with the old one. However, renovation is an option.

But, when you live in a private house or a villa, renovations become extremely expensive. On the other hand, renovating the close areas of the apartments is way less expensive and hence, you can remodel or repaint or change the décor of the apartment much frequently.


One of the most important factors when it comes to buying or investing in a real estate in Kerala is to check for the safety and security of the place. Since Kozhikode is an old city with a huge population already living there, the city is absolutely safe and secure, unlike the newly developing cities in the NCR. When you find a neighborhood and people already living and an existing population in a city, you get the peace of mind that you and your family will be safe there. Also, the new projects that are being constructed by the renowned builders are ensuring that all the safety measures such as security guards, CCTV camera etc. are taken care of. So, there is nothing that you should be worried about.


Apartment living gives you the chances of being a part of a great friendly community, with who you can share your fun-filled times or even times of distress. In a modern and urban setting, where everyone is busy in a fast lifestyle, in rushing to the schools and offices or in extra-curricular activities, kids, as well as the elderly people, are getting less chance to make friends. The sense of community in a neighborhood or the find the kids used to get with their friends after coming back from school is getting lost day by day.

Amongst the benefits of living in an apartment, the community is a great factor. If you live in an apartment, you get an urban neighborhood with the option of mixing up with different kinds of people, children of every size and age. This is a great opportunity to build your own community, a family away from your family. Here it needs to be mentioned that even if you live in a rural setting or in a private house, there are as equal chances of getting a friendly neighbour and growing a sense of community with them. However, when you share the walls with your neighbours, the chances are that you will grow a more involved and personal relationship with your neighbours when you live in the apartments.

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