Unlike mutual funds or bonds or any other investments, investing in real estate property is the better option to earn wealth. Whether it’s a land or apartment or villa, these simple reasons will tell you why real estate is still the best investment option.

Here are the top 5 reasons to invest in real estate

1. Safety
Real Estate investments are considered as the safe option of investment, since bonds and stocks are subjected to the market fluctuations. Real Estate sector always offers appreciation to the investments and it a tangible piece of asset, which you can hold until you decide to sell it.

2. Easy and Flexible
Real Estate is much easier and flexible compared to other investment options. You can perform all the required researches by your own or hiring a real estate expert will fulfill all the needs. And if you are interested in investing projects from leading builders and developers then you don’t have to worry much.

3. Easy Loan and Finance
All the leading funding organizations and banks are ready to provide loans in terms of property loans, home loans etc. with attractive repayment schemes for diverse income groups. This is not at all easy in the case of bonds and shares. And most of the leading builders in Calicut like Calicut Landmark Builders have bank approved residential projects across the prime locations of the city.

4. Resale and Appreciation
The demand for real estate properties are increasing day by day and has a steady appreciation rate. Investing in projects in an upcoming locality or investing at pre-launch stage of the project from branded builders will deliver good financial benefits in future. Also renting out your property in the current scenario is a good source of income too.

5. Stability
Real Estate Investments are more reliable and stable assets compared to stocks or shares or gold. Property or land registered on your name will avoid the bothers about the investments and there is no interruption from any third party vendor or brokers.

Invest in Landmark Village, the biggest residential township project of Calicut Landmark Builders, encompassing luxury apartments in Calicut and flats in Calicut , the perfect choice of investment for your good time.


With a sound infrastructure and industrial development plans, the coastline city of Kerala is now becoming the favorite residential destination in south India. The connectivity and facilities offered by the city offers a world class living experience, making it favourite to the modern home buyers and investors of kerala. With these day today upgrading living standards, the buyers also prefer luxury residential apartments in Calicut since the city have experienced a real estate boom over the last few years. Many builders and developers in Calicut are offering world class projects to meet the attention and requirement of the buyers. But it’s always good to make a simple checklist to identify the best among the race.

Here are the top 5 things to check before buying luxury apartments in Calicut

 1. Location

A good location with superior connectivity and friendly neighbourhood can fulfill the true luxury. Also choose the projects which is near to your work space and offering easy access from the major landmark and should be away from the hassles of the city.

2. Amenities

The amenities and facilities make a regular apartment different from a luxury apartment. Cross check the amenities and facilities offered by the real estate developers. Analyze whether the builder offer necessary amenities like swimming pool, club house facilities, jogging tracks, kids play area, indoors and outdoor sports facilities, Wi-Fi, 24 hours security services with CCTV monitoring etc.

3. Scenic Views

Projects equipped with a good percentage of green and open spaces would be pleasant and soothing. It’s not enjoyable if your flat or apartment looks into another apartment. Choose projects equipped with more green landscape and endless scenic views to keep you stay healthy and motivated.

4. Quality of construction

Quality of the apartments is the most important thing after the location. Check the quality of material used for electrical, flooring, painting and plumbing works etc. Now, most of the builders and developers are intended to deliver high quality flats and apartments in Calicut, since the competition among the builders are increasing day by day.

Calicut Landmark Builders, one of the top builders in calicut launched an amazing luxury apartment project in Calicut, The Landmark Village. Township project in Kerala offering premium apartments and flats in calicut with scenic views and world class amenities.


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