Modern home buyers and investors are choosing internet and online medias as a medium to choose the right property for them. Other than depending a real estate broker,  friend or newspapers, it’s very easy to shortlist real estate properties via online.
The Real Estate companies in Kerala, India are making their projects visible across various digital platforms to generate leads. The increasing popularity of internet and other social media are also used to attract these customer in terms of advertisements, various online activities and campaigns. Since online media is also vulnerable to fraud activities in terms of false applications, portals and forums. Its better take a safe step in digital world to make the home search easy and less time-consuming.

Here are the top 8 tips for Effective Online Property Search

1. Search Engines

Most of the modern home buyers and investors are using search engines like Yahoo and Google for finding information about the projects or property. Websites listed on the top for the searched keyword will the best and most visited one. This helps the buyer to find the right property quickly and effortlessly.

2. Builder’s Websites

Builder’s website is the best best place to search for residential properties, since they will showcase all the possible things about the project in their website. Also they have details about the upcoming, ongoing and completed projects with all the specifications, plans, amenities, walk-through etc. You can also check the credibility, history and customer testimonials from the builder’s website.

3. Aggregator Sites

Similar to builder’s website, there are various online portals  showcasing details about various real estate projects from various builders across the city.

4. Real Estate Forums

There are various forums in the digital world discussing about various verticals like real estate, flats etc. It’s good to share and take ideas from these forums, since these forums have members from various locations, who have different experience with different builders and real estate related topics and issues.

5. Maps and Reviews

If search the brand name or project’s name the reviews are listed in the internet and we can see various comments including the pros and cons about the project and builder in terms of facilities, connectivity, amenities, plans etc. helps to compare with other projects.

6. Social Media

One of the powerful medium to share ideas and activities. We can also analyze the online presence and engagement of real estate company and followers on their social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

7. Online Advertisements

Various builders are promoting online ads to target the internet users, who are looking for real estate properties online via social media or on websites you visit across the internet like Adwords, Facebook Ads.

8. Online Applications

Technology is changing rapidly and now a days builders are providing web and smartphone applications, so that the interested customer can see the project details anywhere from the world and also able to see the progression of the project and reviews getting to the project.


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