Buying or choosing your dream home is not just about a great architecture or design, there are a lot of many other factors that make an apartment or building to “perfect homes”. Most of the home buyers and investors only try to ensure that the building meets all the lifestyle needs of the family. However there are some prime factors to consider while choosing apartments in Calicut.

Consider these 6 key things before choosing your dream home

1. Location
A healthy location with a friendly neighbourhood will unwind all the bothers about your family. The distance from your work space, closeness to retail establishments, proximity to educational institutions and hospitals and ease of access to public transportation facilities etc. need to be considered since, these prime factors can influence the resale and appreciation of your property. Check the air and noise pollution level in the area and make sure that your apartment is located at a convenient location.

2. Amenities
Always prefer the projects that are fully equipped with most modern luxury amenities like swimming pools, jogging tracks, health clubs, private theatre, and generator back up, water supply, waste management etc.

3. Quality
Choose properties which reflect high quality construction. Check the quality of construction and the type materials used with the help of an expert and make sure that there is no renovation or reworks needed in future.

4. Design
Study the interior and exterior designs of the project, since the project with a good design can make the impact on the appreciation and resale value of your investment. Projects with stunning architecture and innovative designs can deliver better appreciation in future.

5. Builder
The quality and credibility of the builder is a prime component while choosing residential apartments. For this you can check the various builders website, advises from the occupied residents and Social Medias etc.

6. Safety and Security
Other the quality and amenities offered by the builders, it’s very important to check the safety offered by the project. Select apartment projects equipped modern security facilities like CCTV surveillance, fire exit, emergency alert, intercom etc. Also get advice and professional insight from the pre-existing residents and experts.


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